Saints' Michael Thomas on growth as football player: 'It's a learning process week in and week out'

Sean Fazende sits down with Saints receiver Michael Thomas

(WVUE) - While it appears things aren't going the Saints way over the last week, they're just one win away from righting the ship and giving themselves a little breathing room in the division.

FOX 8's Sean Fazende sat down with Saints receiver Michael Thomas to talk about the ups and downs of the season.

Sean Fazende: Talk to me about the season so far it's it's it's being no it's been a little different that you guys have been able to run the ball more effectively, but you're still getting your touches just talking about you number two and your growth as a football player.

Michael Thomas: I feel like it's a learning process week in and week out. I'm getting better I'm developing, making mistakes but I'm correcting them, but I'm being coached really hard. I've been playing my best. I feel like my football is still ahead of me. I'm still playing consistent that's all you can do so I take a lot out of five stars we can. We get our private so I'm never going to say like you and I arrived on this much better of a player. I'm just... I'm developing and enjoy the process and every game trying to play my perfect game.

Sean Fazende: First offensive play last week, that move you put on Trumaine Johnson, that back I forget who the cornerback was. What did you see? Looked like you put him on roller skates. I know the turf monster got you halfway down the field, but still that was a heck of a move.

Michael Thomas: Yeah you know that I came off fast. They have a point on board you know and I kind a want to be like the guy that when you get your back against the wall early, you never know how guys mindsets are exactly. I just want to kind of be that spark that gets the other guys going. Kind of calm other guys down and know you're going to be accountable when they need you. You start getting the game plan and see the kind of routes coach has you on. You start to work on those routes week in and week out. The opportunity presented itself, and I ran the route like I was supposed to.

The Saints look to rebound against the visiting Carolina Panthers. FOX 8 will have the broadcast beginning at 3 p.m. Sunday.

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