Kenner police nab 3 men for gas pump skimmers

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - New video shows a group of men accused of putting skimming devices on Kenner gas pumps. A quick-thinking store clerk helped police capture the suspects.

Friday night, surveillance video shows a maroon mini-van pulling into a Discount Zone on Williams Boulevard in Kenner.

"This guy is gonna block the view, this guy is gonna go inside to get the cashier a little bit busy with him," store owner Motaz Abuali explained.

Abuali said the three men inside the van had actually visited the store earlier that day, he believes, to put skimming devices on his gas pumps. But they apparently didn't install them the right way. So Abuali said the group returned to check on the skimmers.

As soon as the men tried to open the machine, an alert went off, inside the store. An astute clerk then sprung into action, taking a picture of the van's license plate.

The third man, who served as a distraction inside the store, took off. But the picture taken by Abuali's clerk proved invaluable.

"We used our technology and were able to track down that vehicle," Kenner Police Lt. Brian McGregor explained.

Kenner Police arrested Alfredo Gouirrie-Blanco, Sandy Alvarez and Yunior Rodriguez, all residents of Miami.

"We believe not only the City of Kenner has been compromised by these individuals, but throughout the metropolitan area, as well, and other states," McGregor said.

"Well actually, he got a raise," Abuali said of his clerk. "He's been doing a really good job and he's one of the guys, you know."

The three suspects are booked with violating the anti-skimming act. They're being held without bond.

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