PHOTOS: Snowmen, angels and pets enjoy the winter weather

Best of Snow Day pictures!

(WVUE) - Snow fell fast and furious this morning across the North Shore creating a winter wonderland across Tangipahoa Parish.

Over in St. Tammany Parish in Bush near Baker's Corner and into places like Folsom.

And what would a south Louisiana snow be without snowmen, like Saint Frosty in his Saints hat.

It is a chance to create special family memories that do not come around here too often.

They come in all kinds of shapes since we do not have that much experience building them.

Of course, the kids run outside to experience something they mostly see in snowballs in this part of the world.

There are snow angels and the pets jump into the fray.

It is Snow Day 2017 in Louisiana, and while it's cold outside, some still choose to stay in.