Snow blankets the North Shore; officials worry about driving conditions

Snow blankets the North Shore; officials worry about driving conditions

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, LA (WVUE) - People living on the North Shore woke up to a winter wonderland Friday morning.

In Hammond, several inches of snow blanketed the ground. Hammond neighbors we talked to say it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

"It really put me in the spirit, because I wasn't in the Christmas spirit, but now I am so, it's awesome, I love it," said Hammond neighbor Pamela McKnight.

We caught up with Lindsey Wallette and her daughter, Ryleigh, making a snowman.

"I was just saying yesterday that I was like, 'Oh she's older now, I feel like I lost the magic of Christmas,' just yesterday. And we woke up this morning and it's snowing outside, so it's like the magic of Christmas is here," said Wallette.

But, it hasn't been all fun in Tangipahoa Parish. The Homeland Security Director says more than 33,000 neighbors lost power Friday. But he says crews are making progress getting the lights back on.

Officials are also urging people to stay off the roads. It's slick out there and as the snow melts and the temperatures drop. Their concern is that it could once again freeze, making for nasty driving conditions.

We're told there have been multiple accidents in the parish with people sliding off the roads, so the recommendation is to enjoy the snow from home.

Crews will be back out Friday night to salt and sand all the parish bridges.

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