Driving conditions will likely deteriorate tonight

Driving conditions will likely deteriorate tonight

(WVUE) - On Highway 11 in front of the Twin Spans, it was just cold and rainy late Friday afternoon. While driving conditions might be decent, transportation officials say the weather could change at any moment and they say, they're ready.

DOTD representatives said they have scouts keeping an eye on road conditions and are working with local law enforcement and State Police, closely monitoring priority routes US 61 and US 90.

Luckily, officials say they are lower-lying roadways and easier to maintain.

But state troopers say it's important to keep in mind that interstates may seem okay, but elevated roadways could be a different story.

Tropper Dustin Dwight said while there are no major closures now, the concern is later as the roads begin to ice. He said there have already been more than 71 accidents. He said the key is to slow down when driving tonight.

There are some closures right now. Terrebonne Parish officials say Highway 90 is closed from Highway 24 from St. Mary Parish to the Terrebonne Parish line. The Twin Spans in Houma are also closed, as is Prospect Overpass.

DOTD officials are asking people not to drive unless they have to. And if you have to, please stay up to date with road conditions, because they're constantly changing.

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