Troopers warn of possible icy conditions, encourage residents to stay inside

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - As temperatures drop, state troopers are urging people to stay off the roads, if you don't need to travel. This after multiple traffic crashes earlier in the day.

In the city, officials say their biggest concerns are elevated roadways, but the north shore is a different story.

"It definitely poses a problem," said Trooper Dustin Dwight with Troop L.

Dwight says, though most roads have stayed open, slick conditions have caused issues much of the day.

"From 5 o'clock this morning to just this afternoon, troopers have investigated 71 crashes related to icy weather," said Dwight.

State Police in troop L have over 1100 bridges on state roads to watch over and another 40 on interstate systems. It's why, as temps continue to fall, troopers hope drivers heed their warnings and stay in, if they can.

"You'll be driving on a non elevated portion of roadway that is perfectly traversable and then enter onto the elevated portion and its iced over and people have a reaction to that and jam on breaks or some type of evasive maneuver. And it very quickly becomes an inescapable situation where they end up in a crash," Dwight explained.

He says that's especially true on the north shore where lingering moisture could turn to ice as the night wears on.

That's where folks with the DOTD come in.

"When we see conditions to tear your rate to where we need to salt, we will salt," said DOTD representative Rodney Mallet.

Mallet says the goal is to keep at least one lane open in all directions on the interstate. But if raised portions begin to freeze, he says they will encourage people to take primary routes like US-61 and US-90 because they're lower lying and easier to maintain.

If, for some reason, you are unable to avoid ice, troopers remind you to slow down.

"As you're approaching the area, take your foot off the gas. Don't make any sudden movements like slamming on the brakes or any kind of aggressive steering input," explained Dwight.

Troopers say, they will be keeping an especially close eye on the Interstate 10 twin span, Friday night.