Boutte man credits dog with saving them both from fire

Boutte man credits dog with saving them both from fire

BOUTTE, LA (WVUE) - An early morning fire ripped through a Boutte home over the weekend, destroying the structure. But the homeowner made it out alive, thanks to man's best friend.

Calvin Baldwin said there aren't enough dog bones in the world to reward his trusty pup.

"I think he wanted to wake me up because he knew something was wrong. He's a life saver. If it wasn't for him, I'd be gone," Baldwin said.

Baldwin said there's not much left of his home after the Sunday morning fire.

"He stand on the end of the sofa and start scratching my arm and let me know that, and when I saw smoke, I grabbed him and hauled out the house," Baldwin said.

"I'm just thankful that God woke the dog up to wake him up, because if he hadn't, you see what's here," said Baldwin's mother, Maudie McCoy. "It would've been just gone."

The roof partially collapsed and the inside of the home was charred. Clothing, personal belongings - everything Baldwin shared with his late wife, all destroyed.

"All our pictures and everything, all got burned," Baldwin said.

The flames even claimed Baldwin's boat. But thanks to Rusty, not his life.

"Rusty is going to get a lot of kisses, a lot of bones," McCoy said.

Losing memories and mementos was incredibly difficult, but somehow, Baldwin and his mom remain positive.

"I have to live with my momma, but that's fine and good, and at least I have somewhere to lay my head," Baldwin said.

"We're blessed, and I'm thankful because it could've been worse," McCoy said.

Baldwin's mother said support from the community has been overwhelming. People have donated clothing and personal items to help get her son back on his feet.

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