Fathers and daughters talk sexual harassment as new suspensions hit NFL Network

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Another day, another round of celebrities losing their jobs over allegations of sexual harassment in a wave that has many saying it's about time.

The latest scandals hit the NFL Network and former athletes-turned-talking-heads, with New Orleans ties.

"As a man with daughters, that sort of behavior is unacceptable'" said Ken Fluellen of New Orleans.

On a perfect night for a walk in the park, Ken and daughter Emmie discussed the latest round of repercussions in the 2017 onslaught of sexual harassment allegations.

"There are social ills that need to be rectified. The jump on the #MeToo bandwagon may have something to do with it," said Fluellen.

The latest to be accused, and suspended are seven current and former employees of the NFL network. They  include former Pittsburgh Steeler Ike Taylor from Gretna, and former Carver High and St. Louis Ram running back Marshall Faulk,

"I do think so these allegations were serious...people actually groping...that has no place in the workplace," said Patricia Boyett with the Loyola Women's Resource Center.

The allegations were made by an NFL network wardrobe stylist named Jami Cantor  in a wrongful termination lawsuit she filed after working there for 10 years. Also suspended was former Saint Heath Evans, who played with Drew Brees the year the team won the Super Bowl.

"I really don't know much about it other than the headline I saw today," said Brees.

But those headlines, and the social media campaign, have a lot of people coming forward.

"I think it's given us a voice, sometimes, it's not positive, but sometimes it can be positive," said Boyett.

"I do welcome the debate," said Ken's daughter, Emmie.

Women's advocates say it's clear that more workplace training is needed, but the rules, are simple.

"I think people should act like professionals, right? So you shouldn't touch people, or expose yourself, and treat people with respect," said Boyett.

For now, the NFL has suspended Faulk, and his six current and former co-workers, pending the outcome of the investigation. But some worry that the damage, is already done.

"If he's vindicated, you hope that his reputation is restored in the same level and enthusiasm, as it was sullied," said Ken Fluellen.

There's no word on how long the investigations might take.

There are a growing number of resources for people to turn to if they feel they are the victims of sexual harassment. They include the Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response, or STAR, program, and groups called Lean in Circles.

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