Shipping centers warn procrastinators of delayed holiday deliveries

Shipping centers warn procrastinators of delayed holiday deliveries

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - It's fairly quiet this week, but the owner of Lakeview shipping store Mail & More said the holiday rush is right around the corner.

"We usually do get flooded. It's funny, it's not extremely busy this week, next week is when everyone will come rushing in in a panic," Mail & More Owner Sarah Fernandez said.

Those looking to stay on a budget have even less time. For USPS and FedEx, shipments need to be made by the end of this week for ground delivery or additional charges start to add up.

"We usually try to add an extra estimated delivery day, mainly because of the Christmas rush. we just hate to tell people that it'll be there on one day and then find out it's delayed," Fernandez said.

Long-time customer Anne Uddo stopped by to return presents she bought online.

"They were gifts for other people that had arrived, and they were the wrong size or the wrong fit," Uddo said.

However, Uddo prepared for this so she would not have to worry about re-ordering.

"Some purchases I ordered two different sizes just to make sure just so I wouldn't have to go back and forth," Uddo said.

Uddo said holiday shopping is not stressful for her.

"I'm usually on top of it, and this would be probably the last week that I would ever return anything until after the holidays," Uddo said.

She plans ahead to avoid last minute shipping holdups.

"I actually just started around the end of November and first of December, I just sat down one day and placed a variety of items for different people, and so far I haven't had any delays," Uddo said.

A UPS spokesperson said they expect to deliver five percent more this holiday season than last.

"If  you could do it this week, it would probably be more economical. next week, people will become a little frantic and feel like they have to pay the extra to go express," Fernandez said.

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