Commissioners vote to move forward with investigation of North Shore fire chief

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A vote by the board of commissioners of Covington Fire District 12 moves an investigation of embattled Chief Stephen Krentel forward.

During a Dec. 14 meeting where the vote took place, one firefighter called for Krentel's resignation.

"It is time to hold Chief Krentel responsible," said District 12 firefighter Tom Williamson. "I call on Chief Krentel to resign in the best interest of the department to restore the morale and integrity of the department. Thank you."

Williamson thinks allegations of theft, mismanagement and an affair with a district employee are enough to force the chief out.

Krentel has admitted to the affair.

"I have done nothing wrong. And, I don't intend to step aside in any capacity," Krentel said at the meeting.

Part of the meeting included testimony from an employee who said Krentel was being investigated by the district attorney's office for arson and conspiracy in connection with the homicide of his wife, Nanette. Krentel said he was unaware of the investigation. The sheriff has already cleared him in connection with her death. No arrests have been made in that case.

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