Police arrest Slidell suspect with $90,000 worth of meth

Police arrest Slidell suspect with $90,000 worth of meth

(WVUE) - "We've had a lot of complaints and anonymous tips that come in on our tip line," says Sheriff Randy Smith.

St. Tammany Sheriff Randy Smith says the narcotics task force follow up on each and every tip. The team's recent investigation led them to an area in Slidell near Pearl River.

The team executed a search warrant on a camper in the 4300 block of Ash Drive, where detectives say they discovered two pounds of methamphetamine.

"We average a gram going for between $90 and a hundred dollars," says Smith.

Smith says the two pounds of drugs have a street value of $90,000. Detectives says they also found numerous prescription drugs, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Steven Zoerner, age 55, was arrested and booked on serveral drug charges.

"We've made several arrests, and this is just one of many. This happened to be a larger amount, being that it was two pounds," says Smith.

Smith says meth has become a big problem on the North Shore. He believes the problem is even more evident by the amount of people who use the tip hotline to report sales of meth.

"It is more popular. It's readily available. What we're seeing is an increase in the usage of it and the distribution of such," says Smith.

He says meth, like heroin, is being shipped in large quantities from Mexico. Investigators are not finding local meth labs as often as they did in the past.

"The meth is coming in. We know it's not being homemade as we've seen in the past. It's inexpensive and readily available. We're seeing more and more of it in those rural areas of the parish," says Sheriff Smith.

Smith believes the tip hotline is working and he's encouraging the community to continue using it.

"If they suspect anyone is dealing or selling the drug in the community, let us know so we can follow up with our task force," says Smith.

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