New Orleans listed as a top destination in the world to visit

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Frommer's travel experts called New Orleans one of the best destinations to visit in the world in 2018.

As New Orleans reaches its tricentennial, there's a lot to celebrate.

Frommer's has named the city as one of 18 "incredible places that will give you the trip of a lifetime."

"Being listed as one of the top places to visit in 2018 by Frommer's is one of the highest honors a city can receive," New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation President and CEO Mark Romig said.

Romig said this is also significant because tourism is one of the mainstays of the economy.

"They spent in 2016 over $7.5 billion here. That feeds a lot of tax revenue into the city and to our state. It brought in over ten and a half million people to the city of new Orleans by conservative estimation, supports 89,000 jobs," Romig said.

Romig said the mention may have to do with the city turning 300 years old.

"I think it has to do not only the fact that we are so culturally significant compared to all the cities around the United States and really the world, we really are coming into our tricentennial year," Romig said.

"Each and every day we're putting messages out there about new Orleans being a very welcoming city. A city rich in culture, food, architecture, music, great history, and we're culminating it with the great celebration throughout all of next year in 2018," Romig said.

The celebrations will begin as early as the first day of next year.

"We'll kick it off a big way of course on New Years Eve night with a fireworks display at midnight, and then throughout the entire 2018 we have a number of events, symposia, concerts, fireworks, international visits," Romig said.

He said this is in addition to the 138 festivals of the year.

"For a city to get to a point where it can say we're 300 years young, gives us an opportunity to look back, see where we've come from, embrace our history, the good and the bad. There's some ugly moments in our history, but there's also some fantastic moments, and to understand that, and to build on that for the future," Romig said.

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