Last-minute holiday shoppers head to the mall

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Those who were busy and waited until the final days before Christmas headed to Lakeside Mall to get their shopping done.

An employee at the mall said it has been packed this week and didnt have time to get her own shopping done until now.

"I've been working doubles all week for Christmas so I can get the gifts that I've been wanting to give my family," O'Tru Smith said.

Marketing Coordinator Claire Massey said they expect more sales this year than last, and this part of the year is what local stores rely on.

"They depend on those sales that are pushing them though the end of the year. A lot of our department stores of course they depend on these sales as well but of course it's the biggest time of year and their sales are up," Massey said.

Some shoppers said they werent stressed because they came early Friday when it wasnt crowded.

"We were here at like nine o'clock so it was very empty. very empty. But I know tomorrow is going to be ... that's why I'm not coming tomorrow," Martha Long said.

While others said they came too late.

"It's been frustrating because they don't have a lot of sizes and stuff or they ran out of stuff so it's irritating," Miriam Eduoard said.

Massey said some of the most sought after items are electronics.

"A lot of people go for those tech savvy people they spend on iPhones or it might be at the at&t store for their type of products we also have brookstone," Massey said.

The mall will be open until until 6:00 p.m Christmas Eve.

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