FFF: NFC teams want to face a Wentz-less Philly in the playoffs

FFF: NFC teams want to face a Wentz-less Philly in the playoffs

In this edition of FFF we focus on a weakened Philly squad, the insane year for Tottenham's Harry Kane, and dive into the Pizzurger at Company Burger.


If you watched any of the Christmas night matchup between the Raiders-Eagles, first off I'm sorry, you can see Philly is a shell of their former self without Carson Wentz. The franchise quarterback tore his ACL against the Rams. Now, Nick Foles is at the controls, and it's not even close to the same.

The Raiders-Eagles racked up a combined six turnovers in the second half alone. The Eagles escaped with a victory, but the tape is out, 1-seed is very beatable. The Rams no doubt figured this out quickly.

If the Rams fall to the 4-seed, they'll face Philly in the divisional round. A perceived easier road then going to Minnesota. If the Saints moved up to the 3-seed, and beat their first-round playoff opponent, they would face the Vikings.

Seems like a smart move by the Rams, but the Eagles defense is a still a tough one. This could backfire, but we'll find out soon enough.


Tottenham's Harry Kane is now in Lionel Messi conversations. That's insane to think, but the Englishman is red-hot in 2017.

Kane has 39 league goals and 56 goals for Spurs and England in 2017, while Messi hit 54 for Barcelona and Argentina . Kane's tally breaks a seven-year run of either Messi or Ronaldo finishing as the top scorer for club and country while playing in Europe's top five leagues.

That's totally astounding numbers. Now Kane just needs to deliver a World Cup trophy to England this summer. Good luck, England last won "it all" in 1966.


Two of my favorite things in NOLA are a cheeseburger from Company Burger, and a slice of pepperoni pizza from Pizza Delicious. Well, now I can have them together, with the creation of the Pizzurger at Company.

It's two patties with cheese on both in the middle, and two slices of pepperoni as the bun. It's fantastic, but it's not around for long.

Company Burger Owner Adam Biderman tells me "I imagine we will do it at least once next year."

My follow-up question was how did such a glorious marriage take place.

"My chef de cuisine and my general manager from my Freret Street location were trading pizzas for burgers with Pizza D."

Sounds simple enough, and it's pure gold.

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