Carnival season just around the corner

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Haydel's Bakery is busy making King Cakes just days after Christmas as the Carnival season approaches fast.

"We hit the ball running, our Christmas decorations came down first thing this morning and Mardi Gras is up. We've already probably sold 15-20 King Cakes right at the door when we opened, being a short season this year, we're prepared, we're ready," Tonya Kutz, with Haydel's, said.

The short season though could mean fewer people on the sidewalk and neutral grounds.

According to FOX 8 Carnival Historian Arthur Hardy, an early Mardi Gras usually means thinner crowds, but Mardi Gras day is always fatter than ever.

"If one visitor didn't come we would still do Mardi Gras and it would be sad, because we don't get all that money, but it's a party we throw for ourselves and we would have fun no matter when it is, but I anticipate crowds to be down just a little bit this year," Hardy said.

In fact, there could be something this season that distracts some people from the parades, but maybe not the party, a Saints playoff run.

"You know, if they make the Super Bowl, and listen, there's a reasonable chance to think they might, that's on Carrollton Sunday, when the Carrollton parade is and six others roll that day and of course it would be an evening game and most of those parades should be off the street by then, that would have a real impact but one I think we would enjoy," Hardy said.

It's an impact that could give some people more of a reason to celebrate on Mardi Gras Day.

Carnival season kicks off on January 6th and Mardi Gras Day this year lands on February 13th.