Newly installed 'Bourbon bollards' to be used during holiday weekend

Newly installed 'Bourbon bollards' to be used during holiday weekend

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Crews spent Thursday installing moveable bollards along Bourbon Street ahead of the New Year's Eve celebrations.

Construction workers had to cut through freshly laid concrete to install the large metal bollards that will slide diagonally to allow traffic through during certain times.

Some tourists say they were surprised to see construction underway on Bourbon Street during their visit.

"Our first meal was at Bayou Burger right over here so I went online and I Facetimed my parents and I was trying to show them, 'oh this is Bourbon Street,' and it was just all construction and I was like, 'a little further down it's not so bad,' but I was trying to show them the street and it was all construction," Brittney Bishop, who was visiting the French Quarter with her husband, said.

Bishop said the construction, though, did not dampen their trip.

That's something echoed by some business owners along Bourbon Street now dealing with a second round of construction.

"I think it's impacted us somewhat on our business and we went through a difficult time, but we survived and now I'm very happy that the construction is finishing and it looks beautiful. A lot of good things are happening in New Orleans, the Saints are going for the playoffs and we've got the Sugar Bowl coming, and they're putting a new gate on the Bourbon Street, so I'm very positive," Sadiq Khan, who owns three stores in the Quarter, said.

The city said the bollards will be in use during the New Year's and Sugar Bowl festivities this holiday weekend.

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