Tigers and Tide pour into French Quarter

Tigers and Tide pour into French Quarter

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Alabama and Clemson fans are pouring into the French Quarter as the matchup between the two NCAA powerhouses approaches on Monday.

Already, shops across town are setting up to entice the fans in putting out crimson and orange flags to make the out-of-towners feel at home and also to encourage them to lighten their wallet while in town.

"I love Alabama and they're good buyers, they come and spend the money," Sadiq Khan, a Bourbon Street business owner, said.

Fans on both sides said they're happier to be in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl than in Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl.

"If I was gonna come to the Sugar Bowl or the Rose Bowl, I'd definitely want to come to the Sugar Bowl. I love New Orleans, I think it's a beautiful place, a lot of great people, they don't even have to like Alabama or Clemson and they're excited," Nolan Gartzman, an Alabama fan, said.

Clemson fans say they're happy to face off against Alabama again and even happier they get to visit New Orleans.

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