Workers make final preparations for New Year's Eve fireworks on the Mississippi River

ALGIERS, LA (WVUE) - Crews are getting fireworks ready for Sunday's big New Year's Eve celebration.

"A few seconds before midnight, on the barge here, the J & M display crew, they will launch shells before midnight so that when they break, it will be exactly midnight," Senior Technician Bill Hatchett said.

With the city being a popular destination for New Years, they are ramping up for a spectacular show

"On the Millennium year, New Orleans was considered one of the five places in the world to be," Hatchett said.

It will be a special year, celebrating the 300th Anniversary of New Orleans.

"The show is designed to run about 12 and a half minutes, we have over 4,000 shells in this show, so it will be a very intense show," Hatchett said.

Organizers say the fireworks will be choreographed to a sound track of Fats Domino classics, along with fight songs of Sugar Bowl participants Clemson and Alabama.

Hatchett said the team is working fast to beat the rain.

"We're loading in all the shells today and hope to have that pretty well done because we're somewhat expecting some bad weather tomorrow," Hatchett said.

The fireworks will light up the Mississippi River in Downtown New Orleans, with a special '300' sign created in fireworks.

"I think this show is a little bit bigger than it has been in the past," Hatchett said.

Along with the fireworks will be the Fleur-de-lis drop atop Jax Brewery. Earlier in the day will be the Allstate Sugar Bowl Parade which begins at 3:30 p.m.

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