State and federal law enforcement teaming up for Sugar Bowl security

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Tens of thousands of tourists rang in the New Year in New Orleans and even more people could be arriving Monday to watch the Sugar Bowl.

City officials estimate more than 200,000  people are visiting New Orleans on New Years weekend.

The city is expecting to bring in more than $200 million in spending.

With more people spending more money,one thing city leaders don't want to see more of is crime.

That's why this weekends event could be a test of the city's new real-time crime center.

The city's director of homeland security said the center paints a detailed picture for  investigators and saves valuable time.

The system sometimes even catching crooks in the act.

The system does not just benefit law enforcement.  The real time crime center will be crucial in assisting emergency responders during big events like the Sugar Bowl.

"Particularly when it comes to large scale special events, we're not just looking for crimes in progress, we're not just looking for other things that may happen, but we're also using the tools in all the information that's feeding into the real time crime center to keep folks safe," said Aaron Miller. "We're looking at things like traffic status on the interstate as people leave special events. We're looking at any other problems that might impact the ability for public safety to get to or from an area."

Since the Sugar Bowl is a national event, the city said it's teaming up with state and federal partners to ensure everything goes smoothly and safely.