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Department of Justice providing refunds to victims of 'Nigerian prince' scam

Michael Neu (Slidell Police) Michael Neu (Slidell Police)

In a follow up to the investigation of a Slidell native Michael Neu, who was arrested in connection with a "Nigerian prince" scam that bilked people out of thousands of dollars, the Department of Justice is offering a way for the victims to get their money back.

According to Slidell Police, in joint investigations by the DOJ, FTC and U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Western Union, who admitted to aiding and abetting wire fraud, agreed to pay $586-million. The DOJ will take that money and provide refunds to the victims who were tricked into the scam. 

The victims are asked to file a claim if they were victims of the scam and used Western Union between Jan 1 2004 and Jan 19, 2017. They can get more information on filing the claim by clicking here.  

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