Panthers downplaying the playoff hype

CHARLOTTE, NC (WVUE) - Not only is it an NFL playoff game, big enough on its own, but Sunday's NFC showdown is a match-up division rivals and two of the most successful teams in the NFC South. The Saints or Panthers have won the division in six of the last nine seasons, but here in Carolina, they're only focusing on what happens between the sidelines this week.

"What can't happen is the false bravado or indications of a playoff game," says Cam Newton. "It's still football. I haven't played a game yet that I didn't want to win, and this game isn't any different."

As for talk about Cam being more dialed in for this game than how he prepares for any other, his head coach says this high level of focus is what he sees from his quarterback everyday.

"He's always locked in," says Ron Rivera. "We all know the intensity level does pick up in these games in the playoffs. But I'm used to seeing it. So I don't take much stock of that."

But one fact that does standout in Newton's postseason record. He's 3-3 overall with a Super Bowl appearance, but Newton's never won a playoff game outside of Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. The Saints will hope that trend continues on Sunday.

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