PIPE FORECAST: Parishes that should run water and those that should conserve

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Due to frigid weather, only some parishes should run a thin trickle of water if the temperature is forecast to be 28° or below for four or more hours.

That is not the case this morning for most of the South Shore, especially Orleans Parish.

Those who live in Orleans Parish should turn OFF their water. Coastal folks don't need to run water either.

Out to the west in the river parishes, south in the bayou parishes, and north of the Lake need to run a pencil lead then line of water from a faucet this morning and Friday morning.

The Sewerage and Water board said it is important parishes that aren't below 28° to conserve water. Those constantly running water in parishes without freezing temperatures are putting stress on the system and reducing the water pressure.

It is also important to note which faucet to drip in a home.

"If you feel the need to run your water to prevent your pipes from freezing, in the evening you choose the faucet that is furthest away from the spot where you turn your water on, your main water valve, and run that water at a pencil-lead-thin stream," said Joe Sensebe with the Sewerage and Water Board. "You only have to run one faucet."

Another concern is that the reduced water pressure could impact the fire department's ability to fight fires.

"Pay attention to the temperature, not the feels-like temperature or the wind chill, those are affecting living creatures right, plants, humans, pets - not your water," said Chief Tim McConnell with NOFD. "It's a physics thing. If it's not below 32, your pipes aren't going to freeze."

So far, there have not been any issues with water pressure and fighting fires, and if it does become one the fire department says they have a plan in place.