Saints veterans appreciate playoff experience

Saints veterans appreciate playoff experience

(WVUE) - On Sunday Saints rookie sensation Alvin Kamara will play his first ever playoff game..

"I'm excited, you know preparing. It's a little different. The older guys tell you it turns up a little bit. So I'm ready."

Manti Te'o knows exactly what Kamara is feeling. He too went to the playoffs as a rookie but now as a seasoned veteran, he's come learn how difficult getting to the postseason truly is.

"You know you talking to a young kid, my first year in the league and I make it to the playoffs," Te'o said. "Guys like Dwight Freeney, Antonio Gates and Eric Weddle were telling me you got to treasure these moments and take advantage of them because they don't come around as often as you would like. I'm sitting there as a 22-year old kid and I'm like 'I'm a rookie we just made it.'"

Te'o hasn't been back since. Mark Ingram also went as a rookie but hasn't returned to the postseason since 2013. Thus, when an opportunity like the one in front of them comes along, both players said they appreciate it this time around much more.

"It's been four years, and I finally made it back,"Te'o explained "So, I definitely understand what they were saying back then."

"Special opportunity, special moment for all of us," Ingram said. "To be able to make a championship run to be in the playoffs to make something special happen. It's something that you appreciate for sure."

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