Victim describes being dragged 40 feet during horrific attack near French Quarter

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The survivor of a horrific Dec. 27 attack in the French Quarter recalls the night she was dragged 40 feet by someone in a white Ford F-150 truck.

"I thought that this was it for me, that I was never going to be able to see my daughter again," Hunter said.

The victim, who FOX 8 is only identifying as Hunter, broke down in tears recalling the events.

"Me and my friend Sam, we got off of work at seven, and normally when we have the same schedules, we carpool or we at least walk each other to our cars," Hunter said.

She said her friend drove her to her car.

As Sam dropped her off, Hunter noticed a white Ford truck come around the corner.

"As soon as she moved out of the way, the truck literally got right up on me. The back door to the truck opened, the man never even got out. He just leaned out and he grabbed me," Hunter said. "They were pulling me, the truck was still rolling. The truck was still going and I'm looking at him dead in his face and he's just staring at me and I'm like, no, no, no! I keep trying to pull back."

Police said the truck dragged Hunter 40 feet down the 400 block of Mandeville Street until her friend rushed out to help.

"I guess they didn't realize that I was still parked right there, cause they didn't start speeding off until they heard me yelling at them," Sam said.

"He sped up, I fell to the ground. He was holding my arms up and they're dragging me on the ground. So my feet are running, trying to stay up with the truck, and finally they just dropped me," Hunter said.

Fortunately, a witness who was also a nurse at UMC called an ambulance to rush Hunter to the hospital.

"That was the worst part. You're hearing all these people talking about you and about how you're dying and I couldn't even keep my eyes open," Hunter said.

But she fought to beat the odds.

"I told that surgeon that night, I grabbed her hand and I was like, 'I can't die. I have a 4-year-old daughter to go home to,'" Hunter said.

Hunter said she has undergone three surgeries since the attack.

"My lungs are damaged, I thought that my spleen was torn open from my fracture 'cause my pelvic bone was fractured or broken. I have three big breaks," she said.

Despite her long road to recovery, she was overjoyed when doctors told her she was going home to her family today.

"I am so thankful for all of you. I can't even describe how thankful am for y'all," Hunter said.

Police say they are still searching for the suspects, and they're not yet releasing video.

Hunter describes one of the suspects as a male is his 30s or 40s who is tan with dark hair.

Sam has set up a page for those who want to help here:

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