Jefferson Parish carjacking suspect arrested at Burger King

Jefferson Parish carjacking suspect arrested at Burger King

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Less than 24 hours after evading capture, 27-year-old Gino Taulli was caught when someone recognized him in a Burger King restaurant and called 911.

"We know that they are our eyes and ears. Jefferson Parish has a very fast response time, and that's on purpose," says Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto.

Lopinto says Taulli's first victim was an elderly man who agreed to give Taulli a ride. Deputies say he severely beat and carjacked the man yesterday afternoon in Bridge City.

"The Sheriff's Office put many resources out into the neighborhood trying to locate the truck about 6:20 last night. We located that vehicle, attempted to make a stop in which a high-speed pursuit went through Westwego and Marrero," says Lopinto.

Lopinto says Taulli pulled into a driveway in the 1200 block of Avenue A to try to evade police, but it didn't work. When deputies surrounded the vehicle, he says Taulli backed up and hit a deputy, breaking the deputy's knee cap. Lopinto says two other deputies on the scene fired about 20 rounds into the stolen truck as it drove away.

"His intent was to run over our officer and get away from us, and he didn't care whose life he put on the line," says Lopinto.

While investigating the scene, deputies discovered the stolen truck engulfed in flames four blocks away on Avenue B. Taulli was nowhere to be found until Friday afternoon.

Someone spotted him in a Burger King in the 3700 block of Westbank Expressway. As deputies apprehended Taulli, they discovered he'd been shot twice in his side. He's being treated at the hospital, but Taulli will eventually be booked with second-degree robbery, aggravated flight from an officer and attempted murder of a police officer.

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