The Carolina Panthers have a spot in New Orleans you didn't know about

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - In a city that bleeds Black and Gold, there is actually a bar in New Orleans that caters to Carolina Panthers fans.

"We have a huge following that live here, but we also have a fan base that every time (the Panthers) come in from out-of-town, they come in here," Mid City Yacht Club bartender Shannon Johnson said. "They Google it. I don't know if there is a secret decoder ring or something but they know to come here."

The sporty tavern does not necessarily advertise itself as a Panthers bar, but the team's following recognizes it as the spot in New Orleans to watch the game among fellow fans.

On the website, the bar is the only one listed in New Orleans for Panther fans.

Saints fans and Panthers fans fill the bar every NFL Sunday, but with everything on the line this Sunday, tensions between the division rivals will be at an all time high.

"It's so much better than when it's just the Saints or when it's just the Panthers because when you get that rivalry going, it's just more fun for everybody," Johnson said.

The Charlotte press even contacted the Mid City Yacht Club because of the excitement surrounding the game and the atmosphere expected at the bar.

"Somehow the news stations in North Carolina caught wind of that, and we've had two new stations so far from North Carolina come in," Johnson said.

Johnson said when the two times the teams met this regular season both fans were cordial after the outcome.

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