Stolen Confederate weapon found

Stolen Confederate weapon found

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A stolen piece of New Orleans history is back home.

On the 203rd anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans, the FBI and the Louisiana State Police announced they recovered a rifle traced to the major battle.

The rifle was stolen from the Confederate Memorial Hall Museum 35 years. It is the only known weapon traced back and fully documented to the 1814 battle. It is believed a Confederate soldier named Elijah Steele Ross donated the rifle back on December 31, 1894. An article published in the "New Orleans Daily Picayune" stated the rifle was used by William Ross, a member of Captain Thomas Beale's Company of New Orleans Riflemen. Elijah Steele Ross was William Ross' grandson.

"The weapon had been acquired by a private collector, here in Louisiana, who had no idea the rifle was stolen, yet he maintained the rifle. The people who possessed the rifle for the last 30 years were extremely cooperative," Special Agent in Charge Eric Rommal said.

The rifle is now back on display at the museum.

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