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Volunteers renovate schoolyard to launch Tricentennial community service challenge

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In honor of New Orleans Tricentennial, volunteers spent their Saturday morning sprucing up a Central City school.

Volunteers grabbed shovels, paintbrushes and measuring tapes to transform Hoffman Early Learning Center.

The 2018 NOLA Foundation partnered with United Way to launch their 300,000 hours of community service to celebrate the city's 300th Anniversary.

"They're working on this school because this is a historic school in the Hoffman Triangle community in Central City. This school is one that embodies the dream of Martin Luther King," Hoffman Early Learning Center Executive Director Eboni Walker said.

The schoolyard will soon have chalkboards, a staging area, labyrinth and more for kids to learn interactively.

"These children deserve to have a yard that they can play in outdoors and learn in appropriate way for their ages," Walker said.

"Things we want to be able to do throughout the year is celebrate important work, and what better place to start than at an educational institution right here in Hoffman Triangle?" United Way Southeast Louisiana President and CEO Michael Williamson said.

Several other volunteer groups recruited by HandsOn New Orleans will continue work on the schoolyard. It is expected to be completed in March.

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