Juan's World: Marcus Williams, I Forgive You

Juan's World: Marcus Williams, I Forgive You

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and I can NOT believe what I just saw. I can not believe that the Saints season came to an end the way it did. What was Marcus Williams thinking? Couldn't he just keep it simple and make the 'right' play? Couldn't he think about how his mis-step would effect the games final outcome?

So many questions that I've seen Saints fans ask, through social media of course. So many questions that very few people that have actually played on the NFL level are asking. Those that have played flag or high school or college, but never pro, are questioning how he could make such a bonehead play. And I guess that's fair, I guess. But, ask yourself this. What would have done if you were in the NFL playing in the biggest game of your life? Hopefully you won't make the same mistake he did. But, then again, like Marcus Williams, you too are only human and are bound to make a mistake too. If not this time then maybe the next.

This game we all love, the NFL, is so unpredictable. You just never know what can happen. Who expected Jacksonville to waltz into Pittsburgh and dominate the Steelers? Not me and probably not you. It's the way this league is. It's never over until it's over. Marcus Williams didn't play the game out. Did he relax? Did he hesitate? Did he just mess up? The only absolute answer is a yes on him messing up. But, man oh man, that interception he had earlier was fantastic. And it reminded us just how good he's been for the Saints this season.

This one play will be hard for him to forget and get past. But, we owe him the opportunity to do so. Imagine how he feels? I'm sure it's much worse than how you feel.

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