After Further Review: From epic to heartbreak, Saints fall short in Minnesota

After Further Review: From epic to heartbreak, Saints fall short in Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (WVUE) - It should have been epic.

The feeling post game should have been euphoria.

That's what's supposed to happen when Drew Brees leads the Saints back from a 17-point second half hole. Or when he gets the ball with 1:29 left, down two and calmly leads them 50 yards on 11 plays to set up the game winning field goal.

"This would have been one for the ages," Brees said after the game.

'Would have' being the key phrase there. Instead, Case Keenum had the ball last and fate seemed to have other plans. Needing divine intervention, the Vikings must have been living right. Keenum connected with Stefon Diggs down the sideline for a 61-yard walk-off touchdown catch on one of the most stunning finishes the NFL has ever see.

Call it a Minnesota miracle. For the Saints, just call it heartbreak. Deep, deep heartbreak.

Football can be so glorious yet so devastating. Sometimes all it takes is a span of ten seconds for the two drastic swings of emotion to slap you in the face.

Just ask Marcus Williams. Before that last play, he would have been viewed as one of the game's heroes. His interception set up the Saints second touchdown to cut the score to, 17-14. That play swung momentum back to the Saints when they desperately needed it.

But all he'll remember is what happened on the final play when he missed a tackle on Diggs that would have ended the game.

When he spoke afterwards, he still had red around his eyes from his postgame tears. He was crushed.

"Those little things that you see and you got to make sure you do all that can to get them down regardless of only ten seconds left I know the situation," he said. "You got to make sure you make the play."

I feel for him. That play didn't lose the game but could have won it. He'll learn from it and grow. It wouldn't shock me if he becomes an elite safety in the NFL. His ballskills are that good.

As will the Saints. This wasn't a one hit wonder team. They're built to make a consistent run here in very soon.

But hopeful future success won't do anything to numb the present pain right now.

That will take some time to go away.

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