Jim Henderson Commentary: Saints fans left heartbroken after loss to Vikings

(WVUE) - As a true Saints fan, you make an investment and you pay for it with your heart. The return on that investment can be the lowest of lows, sometimes to arrive in such proximity and magnitude that you are left, almost clinically, in shock.

Such is the numbing paralysis from which Saints fans are recovering, slowly, today.

Wounds leave a scar and there is a fresh one on the heart of a Saints fan today. It has a lot of company from previous heart-wrenching setbacks.

But the thing is about scars, they not only tell how you lived. They tell that you lived. And all of the big ones are slightly reopened when another is added to that number. As a Saints fan, you know that's part of the deal. Lead with your heart, knowing it's the most vulnerable part of your body. There is nothing that can adequately protect it from injury. But you're willing to take that risk, though you know it's likely to happen again.

Time, it's said, heals all wounds. But really it doesn't. It may lessen the pain and provide camouflage for the injury beneath a sheath of scar tissue. But the hurt is still there to be felt, if not forever, seen.

You know you are what you believe in.

When the pain doesn't fade and the scars don't heal, you're a Saints fan.

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