Teammates, clergy and fans rally around safety Marcus Williams after Vikings loss

Teammates, clergy and fans rally around safety Marcus Williams after Vikings loss

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - From the pulpit, to the Pontchartrain Expressway and the Saints' locker room, Saints fans are slowly recovering after last night's disappointing loss to the Vikings.

Though fans wish the final play had gone differently, the team and its supporters rally behind the young defensive back, who fought back tears, after a tough game.

It's a sign of trying times, after one of the most disappointing season-ending losses in Saints history. The billboard on the inbound expressway reads, 'Dat's OK Marcus...we love our Saints. And fans agree.

"It's a rookie mistake, he was one of the main ones that kept us in the game," said Saints fan Trey Johnson.

All over town, people are talking about the tough final minute loss to end the playoff hopes of a team that didn't appear to have much going for it early on.

"Should we forgive him? C'mon, we're New Orleans, that's what we do," said Rev. Bill Terry, with St. Anna's Episcopal Church.

Marcus Williams' miscalculation came at the end of a strong season for a young rookie with tremendous upside.

"The kid played great. He might be the Saints best safety ever. It's just a shame he couldn't make one more play," said 'Voice of the Saints' Jim Henderson.

"It was a rookie mistake. If he didn't get the interception we would have been in the hole," said Saints fan Trey Bevrotte.

Williams' earlier interception helped change the momentum after a poor first half.

"I can't say enough about how we did in the second half. We scored on every drive," said Saints Quarterback Drew Brees.

Though the disappointment is evident, Brees stands by Williams.

"I saw him. He's upset. But we're a group. We're a team. It's not just one guy," said Brees.

"You just gotta make sure you make the play," said Williams.

No one's taking it harder than Williams, who fought back tears in his post-game interview.

"I'm gonna do all I can to make sure it never happens again. If it happens again, I shouldn't be playing," said Williams.

"I always handed it to people who face the music, and he did," said Henderson.

Williams posted on Facebook a message of thanks to his fans, saying, 'I Won't let one play define the type of man or player that I am, or will be.'

"I miss tackles. I miss a lot of things in my life and we all do," said Rev. Terry.

"I don't totally blame him for not making the tackle. He helped us out the whole season," said fan Korsel Schouest.

And the fans we spoke with are excited about Williams and the Saints' prospects for the future.

Williams admitted he went after the Vikings receiver too early causing him to miss the tackle. Jim Henderson says the Saints deserve credit for the character they have shown in defeat. He predicts Williams will go on to have a great NFL career.

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