St. Bernard Parish residents shiver through night without electricity

ST. BERNARD PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Several families are still without power in St. Bernard Parish. The wintery weather is also causing several water main breaks.

People are starting to move around Wednesday after the freezing temperatures there. Many had to scrape ice from the vehicles Wednesday morning.

For the most part, the roadways are open throughout St. Bernard. Paris Rd. was closed heading north this morning but is open at this hour.

Parish workers have been out all night and this morning repairing broken water means.

Cruise are on Lyndale St. where water poured out into the street. It was a tough night for a lot of people. Thousands of residents lost power around 9 p.m.

Many suffered throughout the night with freezing temperatures and no heat. Entergy says the problem is a main transmission line over a marshy area. The wind and ice hampered cruise from addressing the problem.

Parish President Guy McInnis set screws are now working on it and several customers have been restored. Still, part of Poydras, and from the sugar mill subdivision to Hopedale and Delacroix Island remain without power.

"We've been in constant contact with Entergy and they have been very nice and giving us some updates but all through the night we just didn't know where the problem was and that was frustrating," McInnis said. "And that is some questions we have for Entergy and right now Entergy is working hard. They have isolated the problem."

Entergy said most of Chalmette has had their power restored, and crews are actively working to restore power.

"Entergy crews are currently working from Meraux to Poydras on both sides of LA 39 and LA 46.

There still patches of ice on the road and parish officials are asking residents to stay inside. There is no warming shelter in Saint Bernard, but they are monitoring the situation and will open one if it becomes necessary.

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