Orleans, Jefferson assess water pressure, other infrastructure following big freeze

(WVUE) - Officials in both Orleans and Jefferson Parish said water pressure was not a problem overnight, but there were some other minor problems due to the frigid temperatures.

The New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board said some residents awoke to a lack of running water, but it was not due to the water system.

Freezing temperatures can be hard on exposed pipes.

"We have been getting calls at 52-WATER with folks reporting that they don't have water, but usually that means that their pipes at their home have frozen, and we're asking folks if you don't have water check that out first and make sure that you don't have a frozen, usually frozen right where your water main is, where your main valve is coming to your house," said Joe Sensebe, Manager of Operations at the Sewerage and Water Board.

In nearby Jefferson Parish Parish, President Mike Yenni say there were some minor water line breaks that crews were addressing immediately.

"We've had a number of those breaks that we've been trying to expedite those repairs because obviously we know that water that's seeping up through cracks in the street will turn to ice, so we don't want to add to it so our water department has mobilized to try to fix those breaks," Yenni told FOX 8 News Wednesday afternoon.

More freezing temperatures are expected.

"Asking citizens to run a spaghetti thin stream of water at the faucet furthest away from their tap where the main water valve is at their house and as soon as the temperature gets above freezing turn it off," said Sensebe.

Yenni urged people to remain off parish roads due to icy conditions. He added that many roads on the east bank run alongside canals.

"Stay off the roadways. A lot of our roadways ride up against the canals, and they're already a hinderance in the first place with people driving into them in good road conditions, so I would say people need to be even more cautious. That's why we're saying please stay at home. I know people are getting cabin fever, I know Facebook has got tons of restaurants that are opening but be cautious," said Yenni.

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