Passengers at Armstrong Airport forced to use portable toilets; some voice incredulity

(WVUE) - People taking flights out of Louis Armstrong International Airport were incredulous that they were being asked to use portable toilets due to the ongoing water pressure problems in Jefferson Parish.

From one angle of the outside of the airport things appeared normal and runways showed no signs of the big freeze this week. But from a different location near the entrance to the terminal it appeared abnormal, as portable toilets were lined up for travelers to use.

"I feel bad for the city it's crazy weather," said a traveler who did not want to use her name. She added that she would not make use of a portable restroom.

The New Orleans airport sits in Kenner in Jefferson Parish which like New Orleans is still experiencing water pressure issues.

The frigid weather caused homeowners throughout the region to run their faucets this week and there have been leaks in the systems, including residential.

The airport's director, Kevin Dolliole, said the terminal could not escape the consequences of the diminished water pressure.

"Late last night we began experiencing low water pressure and this morning Jefferson Parish issued a precautionary boil water advisory for the east bank which includes the airport," he said.

Still some travelers said the need to close airport restrooms has left them incredulous.

"I cannot believe they do not have water inside of an airport terminal. It's going to hurt both the airlines and the airport and I would think that a place like New Orleans where it's based on all your tourist traffic you don't want stories like this going out on the air," said Bob Gardner, as he waited to catch a flight.

"There's nothing downtown, that's where we came from. The hotel was out, everything and the whole area of the city of New Orleans was out. No idea, they're not saying when it's going to come back. I know I don't have to go to the restroom that badly that I'm going to use the port-a-potty outside, that's how I'm handling it, so thank goodness for hand sanitizer," said Kim Haines of New Hampshire.

She was surprised a couple days of freezing weather could cause so many problems.

"It gets cold, but we don't lose water when it gets cold.  Hot water, cold water, any kind of water, we don't lose it when it gets cold so looking forward to going back home and hopefully getting warm and taking a warm shower," said Haines.

And in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes people loaded up on bottled water during the early afternoon due to the risks that come with low water pressure.

At the airport food service was limited due to the water pressure issues.

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