Opening statements detail why, not if Gasser shot ex-NFL player

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Testimony began in the trial of a man accused of killing area football star Joe McKnight.

During opening statements the prosecutor and the defense attorney gave a breakdown of the timeline in the case.

Both outlined different reasons as to why they say Ronald Gasser shot and killed Joe McKnight.

Gasser's attorney say his client only acted in self-defense, while the prosecutor says this was a heated argument between two drivers that should not have ended in murder.

It was December 1 of 2016 when prosecutors Say Gasser and McKnight went on a back-and-forth Chase fueled by road rage.

The two stopped their vehicles on Berman and Homes Boulevard where they say McKnight approached Gasser's car.

Gasser, they say, shot McKnight three times and stayed on the scene for police to arrive.

During opening statements,Gasser's attorney told the jury, "Ronnie Gasser is not a murderer. He's a 56-year-old Marine veteran.Joe McKnight was the aggressor and attacked my client in his car."

The prosecutor told the jury that witnesses will contradict Gasser's story and that McKnight was not lunging into Gasser's vehicle when he was shot, but that he was leaned over with his hands on the door.

The jury this morning heard several 911 calls from witnesses on the scene of the shooting.

The jury also learned they'll hear the testimony of several witnesses during the trial. They will also watch an 8 1/2 hour video of gas were being questioned by investigators.

They will watch that video in its entire ready. The trial is expected to last about two weeks.