Mayor: City working hard to get water back to normal level

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Mayor Mitch Landrieu said the city now has enough water pressure on the entire East Bank for the state health department to begin testing water samples. He believes results should be returned in the next day.

The mayor said Friday the city has crews all over the city doing work.

"Even though water pressure increased overnight, we still urge everyone to limit water usage as much as possible. There is no reason to drip your water anymore. There are no more freezes in the forecast for the foreseeable future," Landrieu said.

The mayor said they are working on repairs in New Orleans East to improve pressure there.

All residents and property owners should inspect their property for leaks. Just because your faucet turns on, does not mean your safe from a leak somewhere in your system.

State officials said Thursday this is a challenge impacting 28 parishes across the state who have issued boil water advisories. They are all experiencing similar water pressure challenges due to the prolonged freezing.

City official said they severed 407 people at shelters during the freeze.

Health officials warned they have seen a large number of people slipping and falling. They are asking people to use caution.

All area hospitals are going through the boil water protocol. Many dialysis clinics are open, but call before you go and be careful on the roads.

Water pressure at the airport was restored overnight. They are continuing to take steps to protect travelers. Armstrong Airport served over 56,000 passengers over the period. They are reviewing the response to their emergency plan to make improvements in future.

"I would like to thank New Orleanians and our visitors for your patience and cooperation throughout this prolonged weather event. While this has been a challenging week, we are all working together to repair the damage to our water system and return to business as usual," Landrieu said.