Gasser trial continues with charged testimony describing road rage incident

(WVUE) - The Jefferson Parish trial for the man accused of shooting former NFL player Joe McKnight is set to resume Saturday morning. This after the first day of testimony ended with a two-hour video of the defendant's interview with detectives.

The video shows a detective read Gasser his Miranda rights, and Gasser agrees to talk to him without a lawyer.

The detective starts by asking standard questions about where Gasser is from, what he does for a living and what he had done that day. Then, he asks about the alleged altercation between Gasser and McKnight.

Gasser tells the detective he was on the Crescent City Connection when an aggressive driver flew past him and squeezed around him.

He says he yelled profanities and flipped him the bird.

Gasser admits he exited the highway, taking the same route as the driver even though it wasn't the fastest way home.

He says McKnight made another aggressive move and demanded that Gasser pull over.

Gasser says the driver appeared to throw something at his car.

He tells the detective he refused the driver's demands and hoped the situation would diffuse itself. But when Gasser stopped at a red light, he says McKnight pulled up next to him, got out of his car and approached him.

Gasser says McKnight put his hands on his car, leaned in and said, "I'm going to f*** you up, I'm going to kill you."

He says he responded, "Get your f***ing hands off my f***ing car."

That's when Gasser claims McKnight lunged into his car and made a gesture. He says he thought McKnight might be trying to unlock his car, and says he believed he might have a weapon after the threats he made.

Gasser says,"I 100-precent feared for my life."

He says he drew his gun when he thought McKnight was coming into his car, took the safety off and fired three to four shots.

Detectives asked Gasser why he didn't call 911.

He told them, "I'm a man, I'm going to fight my own battles."

Gasser added that he didn't have time to call 911 once he felt severely threatened.

But Gasser did tell detectives he took out his gun, just in case, once he got off the highway and before the two exchanged words.

Yet, he says, he never planned to use it and tells the detective, "For me to use a firearm, there has to be a real threat of death."

The trial resumes Saturday at 9 a.m.

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