'All he had to do was stay in his truck': Ronald Gasser video interview with detectives shown as his trial continues

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - The second day of testimony in the Ronald Gasser trial started, Saturday,  with more video footage from the eight and a half hour detective interview with the 56-year-old.

He is charged with second degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing former NFL player Joe McKnight in a 2016 road rage incident.

Jurors watched six hours of the police interview which, at times, showed long stretches of Gasser sitting in silence by himself.

During those long periods, Gasser is seen in the video pacing back and forth sighing, putting his face in his hands, appearing distressed.

At one point, he is heard saying, "all he had to do was stay in his truck. (He) Didn't have to come out and threaten my life. Just stay in your vehicle."

An investigator walks in and asks Gasser about a different road rage confrontation back in 2006.

It happened at the same intersection where detectives say McKnight was fatally shot ,years later.

Gasser says he and another driver threw a few punches, but says weapons didn't come into play.

During the interview, Gasser says he is not a gun enthusiast, and his sole purpose of having one is to protect his life.

Jurors heard Gasser make statements similar to what he told investigators in the first two hours of questioning.

He claims McKnight "kept begging for me to stop" my car.

In response, Gasser says "I'm not going to stop for a punk like you."

Gasser says McKnight approached his car when he stopped at a red light, leaned into his car, saying profanities and threatening to kill him.

Gasser responds by telling him to get his hands off his truck.

Detectives asked Gasser to bridge the gap between that moment and what led him to pull the trigger before warning McKnight about his gun.

Gasser says, "In my mind, you don't produce a gun unless you use it" and insisted he had never felt that threatened before.

At times, McKnight's family members shook their heads while watching the video.

Just before the footage ended, detectives asked Gasser for permission to search his home.

Gasser struggled to answer, finally saying, "I don't have a problem as long as I can be there. I have absolutely nothing to hide."

Prosecutors asked one of the investigators who questioned Gasser whether detectives found anything at Gasser's home which contradicted his story.

The detective told them at the time, no.

The judge told jurors they would reconvene Monday morning.

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