Family, pastor mourns teen killed by train after bible study

LAPLACE, LA (WVUE) - Family and community members mourn the loss of a teen killed after he was hit by a train Monday night in LaPlace.

Police say 18-year-old De'vante Moore walked home from church just before 8 p.m. Monday night when a train hit and killed him.

"The first thing I said was no, that can't be. He just left the church, how could something like that happen so quickly," Pastor Donald August said.

August says De'vante usually walked with his brother and sister from and to bible study.

"I don't know how he got so far ahead of them to where they were behind him. They were behind him when the accident actually happened," August said.

He adds De'vante was very involved at the Rising Star Baptist Church.

"He's been at the church about five years. About five years, and he's been active in a number of activities here at the church," August said.

De'vante's parents and family friends describe him as an energetic teen with a good heart.

"He was adventurous and sometimes mischievous, but he was working to try to do the right thing," August said.

De'vante's mother, Samantha, says earlier that day, De'vante applied for a job and attended a family fitting for her upcoming wedding.

She says one of their last conversations on the phone that day, he said "I love you," and she responded, "I love you more."

August shared his last youth ministry class with De'vante.

"He had some very interesting statements and topics that he brought up. Some very interesting statements that he made, but it was all in good humor and I think he really enjoyed the class we had," August.

Detectives continued their investigation by the tracks.

"This particular track here has a curve. Has a curve in it. So you have to really pay attention to see when that train is coming around the curb and make sure you can hear it," August.

De'vante's  father says the area by the tracks is too dark and is hoping more lights will come from this tragedy.

"It's a challenging crossing, as any crossing, but I guess we have to use some common sense too because we can't win against a train," August.

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