Witness testifies about what she heard and saw moments before Joe McKnight was killed

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - A witness testified about what she saw and heard just seconds before former NFL player Joe McKnight was shot and killed.

Ronald Gasser is facing a second-degree murder charge for the 2016 killing. He claims the shooting was in self-defense. But, the prosecution says the two men were involved in a heated argument that did not justify murder.

Tuesday, a witness took the stand to testify about what she saw and heard that December day at the intersection of Behrman Highway and Holmes Boulevard in Terrytown. She says she pulled up next to Gasser and McKnight at a stop light. She testified, "I heard loud arguing, fussing. I got scared right then and there."

She then said she heard McKnight say to Gasser, "Why are you f****** doing this, this is crazy." According to her testimony, McKnight then yelled to Gasser, "No, you get out of the car."

The witness says McKnight got out of his SUV and went to Gasser's passenger side window and was leaning on the car. She then heard three gunshots and could no longer see McKnight standing by the car. She testified she never saw McKnight lunge at Gasser or his car and she never saw McKnight try to open Gasser's car door.

If convicted, Gasser could spend the rest of his life in prison. Court will resume Wednesday morning.

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