Saints GM Mickey Loomis addresses Brees contract and their pursuit of his heir

MOBILE, AL (WVUE) - As the week of practice continues in Mobile, Ala. at the Senior Bowl, the status of Drew Brees and new contract with the Saints remain just as big of a topic as the college players being evaluated.

"I don't know that there's a target date," says Saints general manager Mickey Loomis. "Obviously, we want to get him signed and want him to be our quarterback for as long as he wants to be our quarterback."

The good news, in that regard, is that Brees echoed the same thoughts almost word-for-word to local media last week. Both sides have been here before, negotiating a new deal. It would be the third time they've done so to keep Brees in New Orleans, but that doesn't mean either side takes what they've been able to work out in the past for granted.

"I don't want to be that casual about it," says Loomis. "It's important. It's important to him, and it's important to us. There's no casualness about it. He's been our quarterback for a long time, and it's been a great thing, a great thing for our city and great thing for our team. And I'm anticipating that he's going to continue that."

The Saints aren't naive to think that Drew Brees will be here forever, either. While they're hoping to have their future hall of famer back for the near future, they continue to take preparations to find his heir.

"We've been examining the quarterbacks for a number of years now with the idea of, 'Hey, let's get some guys in the pipeline,'" says Loomis. "We're always in the business of quarterbacks. We like the guys that we've had this year, Chase and Taysom behind Drew, but you're always looking at the guys who are going to be available. And you never know who may drop to you or who may be available at a pick where you might value a quarterback."

And needless to say, with a deeper quarterback class this year and highly sought-after seniors Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen both in Mobile, the Saints should be paying very close attention.

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