Juan's World: Let's get Brees signed already!!!!

Juan's World: Let's get Brees signed already!!!!

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and Drew Brees isn't going ANYWHERE!!! That's the message we got from GM Mickey Loomis on Tuesday from the Senior Bowl in Mobile.

In fact, Loomis said, "Obviously we want to get him signed and we want him to be our quarterback, you know, for as long as he wants to be our quarterback."

As long as he wants to be our quarterback. That is the part of that sentence that needs to be paid close attention to because it's likely to come up again between now and March 14 when free agency begins.

By the way, Brees said he'd like to get a new deal done before March 14. So would the Saints and Loomis also said that he doesn't foresee any problems getting a deal done.

The only things that could hold things up are the usual things that hold up big-money contracts. The amount and the length of the contract. Expect Brees to be in the 25-million dollar range. The Saints know this already. They've crunched the numbers and they can afford it. They also know that the time to win another Super Bowl is RIGHT NOW. I mean, they can draft Brees' successor this season but it's unlikely that the 'new' guy would be the answer for another Super Bowl run.

So re-sign Brees, find his eventual successor and let's move on.

Juan's World, Juan's World...Excellent!!!!

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