Jury takes field trip to view car driven by Ronald Gasser when he shot Joe McKnight

The jury spent about a half an hour at the Jefferson Parish crime lab viewing Ronald Gasser's vehicle. Prosecutors even had investigators place objects, like a ladder on the front passenger's seat, to show exactly what was inside the blue Infinity when the shooting happened.

Gasser is charged with  second-degree murder in the shooting death of Joe McKnight at the intersection of Behrman Highway and Holmes Boulevard. Gasser says he acted in self-defense when McKnight lunged at him from Gasser's passenger side window.

After the jury returned to court, they heard testimony from the forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy on McKnight's body. The doctor said McKnight was shot in the shoulder, chest and hand. She said the shoulder and chest wounds were both fatal. She also testified that the trajectory of the bullets showed that McKnight was clearly leaning over, but that he was not stretching his arm out, meaning he wasn't lunging forward.

During cross examination, the doctor said she was unable to determine the order in which McKnight received the wounds. She did, though, say that she believes McKnight's hand was inside Gasser's vehicle when he was shot.

"I think that if I'm the defense, I'm saying even if he's not all the way through that window, his hand is definitely in. We know he's at the window and the difference between there and when he could have reached him is milliseconds. To say that he shouldn't have been fearful for his life because he wasn't lunged all the way into the car, I don't think is a good concept," Joe Raspanti.

The prosecution is expected to rest Thursday evening and the defense will begin calling witnesses. It's unclear if Gasser will take the stand in his own defense.

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