A Love Letter to New Orleans: Natasha Robin

A Love Letter to New Orleans: Natasha Robin

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - You've been a part of my life since the day I was born. As a little girl, I loved walking along the riverfront and riding the horse and carriage through the French Quarter. I also loved visiting your French Market with my grandparents. We would stroll through the market and often buy a piece of hand-made jewelry or t-shirt. Before leaving, we would sit down together at Café Du Monde for a beignet and hot coffee.

I have forever loved your unique culture and southern charm. Your Jazz music gets even the stiffest dancer to tap his leg and move to the music. Your hospitality leaves a great big smile on everyone's face. Your food is second to none. It isn't just the oysters, shrimp, crabs or crawfish that makes you different. It's the sauces and spices in every dish that gives your food a kick like no other.

One visit to New Orleans, and there's no doubt, you'll be hooked. For me, though, you are my home. You are the place that soothes me and the spirit that makes me who I am. You are, by far, not perfect and there are things about you that I wish were different. Still, I accept you for who you are, New Orleans – an amazing place that I love to call home.


Natasha Robin