Revelers make the most of soggy Carnival Weekend

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Many metro-area residents awoke to rain this morning, but it wasn't unexpected. Organizers even delayed several of today's parades.

While crowds were thinner than in years past, ahead of this evening's festivities, revelers weren't worried about the weather.

"To me, this is like the start of Mardi Gras," said Phil Minissale.

Minissale posted up for hours at the corner of Royal and Esplanade, promoting an online business.

"We've been doing this event for the past six years and this is the first time we've had a little bit of rain," he said.

Yet, the onslaught of wet weather isn't dampening his day.

"It was a doozy setting up, for sure, but we've had a good time with it," said Minissale.

While rain showers have kept many away, Phil is looking on the bright side.

"In the end, that means more beer and spirits for us," he said.

"Dressed the part. We're ready to get wet," said a parade participant.

Luckily for Krewe Du Vieux participants, this year's theme partnered well with the weather.

Several Lewd parade-riders coordinated their costumes accordingly as soon as they learned rain was in the forecast.

"We are celebrating 300 years in the future," he said. "We have adapted to aquatic life in New Orleans. We're underwater, we have gills, we have interface with this sort of nature thing."

The streets were noticeably more sparse, this year, ahead of Krewe Du Vieux, as many waited out the storm.

Bars and restaurants threw up awnings in anticipation of more incoming moisture.

While revelers we found were largely unprepared for a deluge, they refused to let rain keep them from this parade.

"We love the weather. We don't have it in San Diego," said Crystal Hoadley.

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