Officials have new tools to enforce rules about what's not allowed on parade routes

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Local and federal agencies are working together to ensure a safe Carnival season. They want to remind everyone about what's not allowed on parade routes.

"Enforcement has begun, and we will be disposing of those items that we pick up. We will be doing constant sweeps until Friday, removing all items left, and we will continue that next week," Director of Parks and Parkways Ann Macdonald said.

Along with furniture on the neutral ground, tents will not be allowed for safety reasons.

"There will be no full tents allowed on the parade route. This is a homeland security threat. We need to be able to see. There can be tarps, but there can be no tents," Mayor Mitch Landrieu said.

All along Orleans Avenue, people are spray painting to mark their spots fro Endymion, but city officials said not only is it illegal - it doesn't count.

"Those paint lines and that paint means absolutely nothing. It's unfortunate they do it every year," Macdonald said.

Police say additional surveillance cameras will also be installed.

"These resources we've got now allow us to really target key areas, and so there are some that have been installed on all three of the parade routes throughout the city," Director of Homeland Security Aaron Miller said.

The FBI and Homeland Security will have their own command posts, while working closely with local law enforcement.

"The Real Time Center will be the coordination center, and really for the first time, so it's something that we're not only prepared to be very aggressive if we have to be to enforce the rules and ordinances that are on the books," Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell said.

Officials encourage the public if they see something that raises concern, to say something.

With the installation of cameras throughout the city, they want to remind citizens that if they're in public, they are likely being watched.

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