Alabama tourism billboards roast New Orleans Carnival

Alabama tourism billboards roast New Orleans Carnival

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Alabama Tourism Department has decided to throw shade at New Orleans Carnival with a series of billboards.

A viral Facebook post making the rounds on social media shows a billboard that says, "You are 114 miles from America's Original Mardi Gras."

The billboard includes the official travel website of Alabama  with the "Sweet Home Alabama" logo.

Whether or not Mobile or the city of New Orleans began the Mardi Gras tradition remains convoluted, according to Your Carnival Authority Arthur Hardy.

Hardy said to determine this, one would have to define whether or not Mardi Gras started with the first parade or with lavish parties and galas.

The City of Mobile did not start their parades on Fat Tuesday until 1866. However, some Alabama historians think the annual Masque de la Mobile feasts were Carnival celebrations.

According to Hardy, these events were presented annually on August 25 by the Societe de la Saint Louis from 1704-1842.

The Mobile parties grew so much in popularity, boisterious masquerades began in New Orleans in 1837.

Floats became popular in 1850 when The City of Mobile started with parades around New Years Eve. Hardy said in 1856, The City of New Orleans actually borrowed floats and costumes from Mobile for their first parade the Mistick Krewe of Comus 55 days after their New Years Eve parade.

In short, The City of Mobile and The City of New Orleans used a collaborative effort to create Mardi Gras season into what it is today.

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