Lawmakers look for alternative to current TOPS program

Lawmakers look for alternative to current TOPS program

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Members of an educational tops task force meeting Wednesday in Baton Rouge to discuss ways to save the college funding program.
Louisiana lawmakers are proposing different ideas to keep the money flowing to students attending four-year colleges.

Rep. Wesley Bishop (D-New Orleans) suggested a program that would allow students to qualify for the program based on their performance in college, versus high school.

"A lot of individuals that come out of high school never get through their first year. That's not a matter of right or wrong, that's just real. Often times, your performance in high school doesn't indicate your performance or your ability to perform on a college level," Bishop said.

Wesley said this system would incentivize students. If they maybe do not earn TOPS money one year, they would have to work harder to achieve it the following year.

The task force will hold a vote on the various proposals next month.