Tulane survey shows startling number of students say they've been sexually assaulted

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A new Tulane University survey finds that a startling number of students say they have been victims of sexual assault since they started attending the school.

About half of the students at Tulane responded to the survey. Of those, 33 percent said they have been sexually assaulted during their time at Tulane.

The numbers were even higher for those identifying as LGBTQ.

Among the findings: Only 42 percent of undergraduate women told anyone about their assault; only 23 percent of undergraduate men disclosed their incidents to anyone; and 84 percent of undergraduate victims of sexual misconduct said Tulane did/would support them.

The survey also found that alcohol was often involved, with 74 percent of women and 87 percent of men who experienced sexual assault reporting they were incapacitated at the time of assault.

In response, Tulane launched a program called "Wave of Change." It aims to create a "prevention culture" by doing the following:

  • Increase integration of sexual violence prevention into the Tulane experience
  • Increase the visibility of specific issues of intersectionality and sexual violence
  • Establish greater means for student engagement
  • Expand community support for survivors and encourage reporting
  • Articulate a transparent evaluation plan and further research.

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